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Surprise your customers with a site search that displays the products they are looking for at lighting fast speed. Customers who are able to perform a successful search generally have a much higher conversion rate than those who do not. Why not offer your customers the best possible website search experience and benefit with higher conversion rates and average order values? Power Search is an advanced site search designed to work with any website. Site search plans are available for all types of websites, including custom website search setup. We are happy to answer your questions about site search. Contact us today.

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View examples of websites with Power Search advanced website search installed. This is the best way to get a feel for the features offered by Power Search. Try some real searches to view the speed and accuracy of the results. Use the search navigation features such as filters, sorting and popular searches to help you drill down to a specific set of products.

Site Search Case Studies

Advanced Search Features

Learn more about how your site can benefit from advanced site search features. View information and screen shots of the site search front end and backend. Read about the intelligent search results, search filters, additional search navigation elements and more. If you have any questions, contact us today for a personalized explanation.

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You can find a Power Search site search solution that meets your needs. Since all plans come included with all available features, your decision is easy. Just choose the appropriate plan that will cover the size of your inventory and search volume. Or, choose our custom plan. Get started with Power Search today.

Power Search Pricing & Signup Details

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