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Let us build you an outstanding ecommerce search solution. Any website can use Power Search and benefit from higher conversion rate and average order value. We will customize your resources to insure that customers get fast search results, regardless of the number of items to be searched.The Custom Site Search solution includes all Power Search Features and can accommodate websites with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of searchable items. The custom site search plan is available for websites with over 30,000 searches per month or 10,000 searchable items. Please contact us for pricing.

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Plan Differences

Searches per Month over 10,000
Searchable Items over 30,000

Includes All Available Features

Intelligent Search Results
Blazing Fast Search Results
Unlimited Search Filters (Faceted Search Navigation)
Stand-Alone Solution
Integrate with SearchFit Ecommerce
Real-Time Search Reports
Compatible with Google Analytics Search Reports
Intuitive Control Panel
Easy to Setup and Maintain
Fine Tune Results: Adjust Weight Per Information Type
Auto Complete
Toggle Between Grid and List View
Toggle Results Per Page
Sort By Relevance, Price, Popularity and more
View Tag Cloud of Popular Searches
Spelling Suggestions Offered
Easy Template System
Free Support Forum
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Monthly Fee
Power Search Custom - First Month $599.00
Setup Fee
Power Search Setup $150.00