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If you have a large inventory of products, then a fast ecommerce search is a must. Although Power Search can be used with any type of site, Power Search Enterprise is well-suited for online stores with a large amount of products. Like it's name, the Enterprise Search plan (and all other plans) can be used for a traditional enterprise search, such as your company's Intranet. The difference between this plan and others includes the number of searches per month. This site search solution is geared toward sites with moderate to high amount of searches.

Contact us today for further explanation of our ecommerce search plans and how they can benefit your website and/or Intranet.

Any website can benefit from Power Search, but online store owners will love giving their customers a fast, relevant ecommerce search. Intelligent search results are offered and sorted according to past customer interaction and keyword frequency. A highly usable search navigation is included. Customers can easily drill down through large inventories according to their desired product attributes. Results can be further sorted by price, relevance and more. An easy to use admin panel makes setup a snap. Also included in the control panel are useful reports which can help you increase conversion rates site wide.

Power Search Enterprise
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24,000 Searches /Month
$150 Setup Fee


Monthly Pricing $499
Setup Fees $150

Plan Differences

Searches per Month 24,000

Includes All Available Features

Intelligent Search Results
Blazing Fast Search Results
Unlimited Search Filters (Faceted Search Navigation)
Stand-Alone Solution
Integrate with SearchFit Ecommerce
Real-Time Search Reports
Compatible with Google Analytics Search Reports
Intuitive Control Panel
Easy to Setup and Maintain
Fine Tune Results: Adjust Weight Per Information Type
Auto Complete
Toggle Between Grid and List View
Toggle Results Per Page
Sort By Relevance, Price, Popularity and more
View Tag Cloud of Popular Searches
Spelling Suggestions Offered
Easy Template System
Free Support Forum
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Monthly Fee
Power Search Enterprise - First Month $499.00
Setup Fee
Power Search Setup $150.00