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Give your visitors a lighting fast search with relevant results and easy-to-use navigation. You will benefit from a variety of website search features designed to help increase and track your search conversion rate, average order value and more. Setup and use of your website search is easy with the highly usable, stream-lined Power Search Control Panel. Visit the website search demo to try the features for yourself. Learn more about our website search engine or contact us today if you have any questions about Power Search. Our site search experts will be happy to answer your questions and give you a live demo.

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Intelligent Search Improves Results Over Time
intelligent search results

Show your customers what they want to see. Power Search gets to know your customers browsing habits and displays search results according to what they have been clicking on. The "Most Popular" sorting option triggers the Intelligent Search.

Fast Search Results Are Displayed to Minimize Search Abandonment
fast search results

Deliver relevant search results to your customers at lightning fast speed. Exploring a huge inventory is a much different and more pleasant experience with fast, accurate search results. The system uses an incredibly powerful search algorithm that searches thousands to millions of products in a fraction of the second.

Unlimited Search Filters Are Available to Customize Your Search Navigation
Unlimited Search Filters

Let your customers easily drill down to the exact set of products they would like to view. Power Search's website search features include a filter-based navigation on your search results page. Price, brand, and category filters are built automatically. Create an unlimited amount of custom filters.

Power Search is a Stand Alone Solution that Works With Any Type of Website
stand alone website search solution

Enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable search on any website. This is not a solution for ecommerce only. The SearchFit Ecommerce Platform is not required. Includes generic search capabilities to support any type of searchable content. Power Search will work with your website. You can configure Power Search to automatically import your search data from any server on a regular basis.

Integrate Power Search With SearchFit Ecommerce
integrate with SearchFit Ecommerce

For websites powered by the SearchFit Ecommerce Platform, your product feeds can be automatically created and delivered to Power Search. Other shopping carts, blogs and content management systems should have no trouble working with Power Search. The SearchFit Ecommerce control panel includes a “Power Search Settings” screen where you may integrate Power Search with your online store. SearchFit Ecommerce automatically delivers a data feed to Power Search each night after you publish changes to your site. SearchFit Ecommerce also delivers real-time order data to Power Search so search conversions can be reported.

View Real-Time Search Reports In Your Power Search Control Panel
Real-Time Search Reports

Improve your website using valuable information about your customers' search habits. Power Search offers reports including:

  • Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly search reports
  • Most Recent Searches
  • Most Recent Empty Searches
  • Most Popular Searches
  • Most Popular Empty Searches
  • Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly sales reports for the searches
  • Most Profitable Searches

Includes the ability to click on a popular or recent searches and select one of these menu choices:

  • Try the Search
  • Remove the Search

View Google Analytics Search Reports
Search Navigation Elements

Google Analytics offers a large assortment of useful reports, including Search Reports. Power Search is compatible with Google Analytics Search Reports. In just a few minutes, you can add Google Analytics tracking code to your Power Search template and enable site search tracking in the Google Analytics control panel. You will then be able to view a variety of search-related reports including:

  • Conversion Rate, Average Order Value and Dollars Per Visit of those who used your search vs. those who did not.
  • Usage: Includes chart of searches per data. Also shows table of transactions, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Revenue, Average Vale and more.
  • Search Terms: View a list of terms customers are searching for which you can analyze by dimension. Also shows a chart of search volume.
  • Start Pages & Destination Pages: Tells you where customers performed the search and where they arrived after searching. Lets you add a second dimension like Total Searches, Conversion Rate, etc.
  • Trending: Shows how many visits to your site included at least one search. Gives an idea of how frequently your search is used.
  • And More..

Easily Setup and Maintain Your Power Search with An Intuitive Control Panel
Site Search Control Panel

A simple, easy to use interface lets you setup and maintain your Power Search. Power Search uses the same powerful administration interface as SearchFit Ecommerce. You will be able to setup Power Search with ease. Our development team can assist you with any difficulties you may have.

Adjust a variety of settings to perfect your customers' search experience:

  • Search Filter Layout (vertical or horizontal)
  • Search Results Layout (list and grid views available)
  • Search weight per filter
  • Minimum number of characters per searchable word
  • Default results per page
  • Maximum visible popular searches
  • Maximum visible filter items

Auto Complete Lets Customers Search with Ease
Site Search with Auto Complete

Customers do not always remember the name of what they are searching for. Since you can’t be there to help, give them a tool that will jog their memory. Auto completion is a common user interface functionality on search forms. Once your customer starts typing in the search field, a drop-down appears showing search suggestions that are based upon what has been typed so far. As the user continues to type, the suggestions are refined. At any time, the user may click on a search suggestion and view the related results.

Spelling Suggestions Helps Customers Find The Right Item
Search Navigation Elements

Customers should not have to pass a spelling quiz in order to find your items. When a word or phrase is misspelled, Power Search may offer a suggestion for a closely matching item. Increases the chance that customers will perform a successful search.

Additional Search Navigation Elements Are Available
Search Navigation Elements

Search Navigation refers to all the navigation elements on your search results page that the customer may use to conduct or refine his search. In addition to Filters and Auto Complete, you can provide visitors with some other helpful tools to help them find what they are looking for.

Most Popular Searches: Let visitors see what others have been searching for. Visitors may click the Most Popular Searches button to view a tag cloud containing the most popular searches. The popular search terms are enlarged. Clicking on a search term displays the search results for the given term.

Results Sorting: Users can sort results by a variety of criteria until they find the perfect match.
Sort options include:

  • Relevance
  • Lowest Price
  • Highest Price
  • Most Popular
  • New Arrivals

Template System
Power Search Template System

You can convert your existing website template into a Power Search template. Based almost completely in HTML and CSS, the Power Search Template System includes a Page Template, Search Result Templates and a CSS document. Just add a few Power Search Keywords to your HTML code and your templates are ready. Separate Search Result templates are available for list and grid views. It is easy to customize the look and feel of your Power Search page.

Free Support Forum and Blog Articles
Free Support Forums

Get quick responses to your questions about Power Search website search features and more from the Power Search forum. The SearchFit development team maintains the forum and they, along with other forum members, will be happy to answer your questions about the setup and use of Power Search. Find the latest Power Search information and tips on the SearchFit Blog. Read articles about SearchFit Power Search, SearchFit Ecommerce and add your comments.

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