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Intelligent Search intelligent search

Use an intelligent site search to show your customers what they are looking for. Power Search website search can display results according to customers' past clicks.

Fast Search Results fast ecommerce search

A must for ecommerce search if your site has a large inventory. Searches thousands to millions of products in just a fraction of a second. Relevant search results in record time.

Search Filters site search filters

Let your customers easily drill down to the exact set of products they would like to view. Power Search lets you display a filter-based navigation on your search results page.

Stand Alone Solution stand-alone site search application

Enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable search on any website. This is not a solution for ecommerce only. The SearchFit Ecommerce Platform is not required. Works with any site.

Integrate With SearchFit integrate with SearchFit Ecommerce

For websites powered by the SearchFit Ecommerce Platform, your product feeds can be automatically created and delivered to Power Search. Search filters can be created from product properties. Bundle services and save.

Search Reports real-time site search reports

Improve your website using valuable information about your customers' search habits. View real-time statistics. Reports include visits, search terms and much more. Install Google Analytics search reports for additional data.

Search Control Panel site search control panel

A simple, easy to use interface lets you setup and maintain your Power Search. The powerful SearchFit Ecommerce administration interface framework is used for Power Search. Reduce development time with a streamlined interface.

Auto Complete auto complete for search

Once your customer starts typing in the search field, a drop-down appears showing search suggestions that are based upon what has been typed so far. Helps customers remember product names and makes searching easier.

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